"La Traviata" 

Opera at the British Embassy Residence 

May 29th, 2009 from 20:30 to 24:00 hours 

A unique evening, of music, costumes, drinks and a light dinner, to be held at the British Embassy Residence, Gelly y Obes 2333, Recoleta on 29th May under the patronage of H.M. Ambassador Shan Morgan.

The venue for this Opera becomes a new way of conceiving opera in a more intimate setting. Also to help take our guests back in time, we find a candle lit palace where the flickering light helps create an atmosphere of romance and ancient splendor.

On arrival, guests will be met by a group of beautifully costumed characters, right out of the opera. Bearing candelabras they will escort our guests to their seats while explaining the concept of the evening. 

This is an entirely new experience, being immersed in an opera with magnificent voices and strong emotions. Reviving a tradition dating back to the late 1880’s, a piano and a small group of string instruments accompany beautiful voices.

Each act of the opera takes place in a different room of the Ambassador’s Residence, and the spectators move with the action. During the two hour experience it becomes the perfect setting, at the same time genuine and exceptional. During the intervals one can admire this elegant Residence while refreshments are served.

Opera at the Residence follows the directions demanded by Giuseppe Verdi himself at the first performance at Teatro La Fenice in Venice in March 1853. This opera’s bold realism caused outrage amongst his peers over a century ago. Today it no longer causes outrage; instead it conjures up strong and lasting emotions which are intrinsically tied to Verdi’s magnificent and ever popular score. Justifiably, it is the most famous of all Italian operas.

In our Opera at the Residence, the singer’s voices, so intimately close to the public, will undoubtedly generate the true feelings and emotions this opera conveys.

We can witness the innocent meeting of our two star crossed lovers Violetta and Alfredo and even be part of their famous “Brindissi”. We accompany them to the idyllic setting of their flourishing romance. We are also present at the heart breaking moment when Giorgio Germont, Alfredo’s father, asks Violetta to give up his love for the good of his family. Soon we witness Alfredo’s hurt and anger towards the innocent Violetta. And last of all we are present at her deathbed when the disgruntled lover realizes his mistake. But, as most famous love stories, it all comes too late, as we witness Violetta gasp her last breaths in Alfredo’s arms.

The Opera is divided into three 30 minute acts, each taking place in a different setting. The audience will move with the performers. A wonderful experience for a very worthy cause!   

- - - - -

Director Peter McFarlane & Ros Artayeta Productions will stage "La Traviata". Peter is a well known director of musicals. He trained in England at Roehampton, Digby Stuart and Warwick University, before studying and working in the USA. At present, as well as teaching, he is Director of the Walt Disney Studio for Latin America.

Our aim is to raise funds for the ABCC, a charity created by the British community in 1939. The ABCC provides vital assistance to many good causes: BABS, the community's home for senior citizens, needy patients at the British Hospital, as well as providing straightforward financial help to those in need.

We would like to thank the various companies and individuals who have most generously agreed to assist us in the production of "La Traviata" with financial support and other contributions.

Space is VERY limited - Capacity for only 100 people. Please reserve your tickets (Donation - U$S 100,= or equivalent per person) well in advance so as not to be disappointed.

Please contact Rosemary Morton at 5254-8064/65 or abcc@abcc.org.ar or for Northern Area please contact Terry Chapman at 4793-9228.