Robert Reid

He was born in Abbottshall, Fifeshire, Scotland, on March 1st, 1836. After graduation as a Doctor in Medicine, he was appointed Resident Physician at the Buenos Aires British Hospital in 1861.  His dedication to his tasks was such that historians refer to him as a ‘monastic’ personality, as he was always available and rarely left the Hospital.
He was a good doctor, of charming personality, and his patients were very pleased with his amiable disposition. In 1864 the Committee appointed him as Chief Medical Officer, a post he held until 1869.  During that time, the National Government officially thanked the Hospital for the attention dispensed to many injured soldiers returning from the war in Paraguay.
In 1870 Buenos Aires was hit with a devastating epidemic of Yellow Fever, and Dr. Reid, who with Nurses and other Doctors of the British Hospital were attending to victims of the epidemic, died on April 2, 1870 from the same cause.
A monument was erected in his memory in St. John’s Cathedral.  Among the eulogies of his contemporaries, the following words stand out: “by his untimely death the medical profession lost one of its brightest ornaments and the poor and afflicted a sweet and never failing friend” and “one of the outstanding medical men of his time” .

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