Quit smoking


Smoking is one of the major causes of illness and death in the World today.  It is true that giving it up is difficult, but by no means impossible. The benefits of quitting are many, and amply justify the effort.
What happens when you stop smoking?
  • Immediately afterwards your body begins to eliminate toxins
  • Eight hours later the blood levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide are halved
  • Over the next 2 years the chances of having a heart attack (M.I.) are cut by a 50%, and will equal that of the non-smoker in 10 years
  • The risk of lung cancer will also diminish steadily, until reaching the same risk of a non-smoker at 12 to 15 years
  • The lungs will begin clearing up, shortness of breath will lessen, and both breathing and the circulation will improve
  • You will be less prone to prolonged coughs in winter, or after colds
  • Your children will have less colds and coughs in winter, and will have a lesser chance of taking up the habit
  • If you are pregnant, the baby will have a better chance of good health at birth
  • You will save money!
Stopping smoking is a big personal achievement, and you will have the feeling of breaking free.
There are many ways to start:  the British Hospital offers interested parties to join the “Programa Respire”, which you can access via neumonología@hbritanico.com.ar.  

Other interesting options which can guide and help are:
*  Center for Disease Control   www.cdc.gov/tobacco/quit_smoking/index.htm
*  National Cancer Institute  www.cancer.gov, looking for Prevention and Lung Cancer