La Cumbre, 25th June 2010

Argentine British Community Council
Buenos Aires Office and La Cumbre District

Attn:   Mr Ted Bagnall
            Mrs Frances Evans Bengtsson

Dear Mr. Bagnall,

My name is Victoria Helen Duff, I’m Gordon’s eldest daughter, and I’m writing to try and show my gratitude for all what you have done and given to my father.

Writing a letter is only a symbol of my gratitude, I have made it a personal task, to keep showing you, in any possible way our eternal gratitude.  Thanks to you, my father was able to receive an excellent medical attention.  In the British Hospital he was ALWAYS treated as a King, and he was able to spend his last weeks at hospital on the “fourth floor” of the Hospital Privado, this means: private room with an excellent sofa for us to rest on, free TV., an electronic bed and, I think, the floor with the best attention, not being this the VIP floor.  Of all the times in, this was the only time in this floor, the others were in normal hospital rooms, and once more; as every time he received something from you; I could see his eyes filled with tears and his chin tremble trying to hold back his emotion and his feeling of gratitude and care towards you, which I know were one of the sparkles that kept my father going on in his life which I think he thought was going to be different, but nevertheless he enjoyed, thanked and made the best of.

I know my father, despite his sadness and frustration - and don’t want to think or feel all what happens when you feel and think you have failed – always felt the hand of God in everything that happened in his life.  The Lord was his strength, his comfort, his support, and helped him carry, in the best possible way, his burden.  And the work was excellent!!!!

I never saw my father lose his temper, get desperate, or live in the past, never, never.  Since I was small and ´till he was able, he would always wake us up, wrapped us up in a blanket and took us to the kitchen, prepared breakfast, even combed our hair and took us to school, always happy, in a good mood and singing.  Some times, we used to get up early and silently went to meet him, and we could se him sitting down, holding his head as in a prayer position, his eyes closed, praying and talking to his unconditional guide and friend, THE LORD.  He would always carry a stone in his pocket to remind him of all his blessings.  He lived a life according to God’s will.  I don’t know how he did.  I’ve always asked him for his advice and always try to be as my father would and it’s, in many times, impossible.  I get cross, angry, frustrated, and must express it!!! Daddy wouldn’t even feel these emotions, he would transformed them even before they arose and bring out something nice. He knew how to listen!!! He knew how to wait!!! He lived in peace.

He was able to prepare himself for his departure, say farewell to some of his friends, talked to us and try to comfort us ‘till his last possible move.  He kept his sense of humor, never despaired.  When he couldn’t speak, he would hold our hands and press three times: “I LOVE YOU”. And I know that his last days; when he was asleep and waiting with nothing else possible to be done; were for us three, to be able to let him go from this physical life into the Eternal one from were I know he will never leave us.

This letter is a farewell to you all from my father - and I know he would have the same difficulty as I, as he would always say; “I don’t know how I will be able to thank you for all what you have done, I don’t know what I would have done without you!” – but it is also a commitment from me with you, hoping to be able to pay back in every possible way all the help from you received.  You helped Daddy give us all what we could possibly receive and more! 

In his name and ours, thank you, Thank you, Thank you……

Yours always,