11 de Setiembre, 1760 ,16D
Buenos Aires, 1426
20th December 2010

Dear friends 

Ref ABCC Belgrano District 

At the last Annual General meeting of the ABCC I had the temerity to offer my services as District Chairman for Belgrano. Wow, what a dope I am, and yet, what a challenge!

Many moons ago I did end up as Vice Chairman of the ABCC central committee, when Dennis Taylor was Chairman , and Rosemary Brazier was still the General secretary.

One way or another I have been involved in British community affairs since I returned to Argentina in 1964.  First of all with the St Andrew’s Society of the River Plate, and also with the Pipe Band for many years, then in the ABCC, then with the British Hospital committee of management . All those years I lived in Martinez and then San Isidro. In 2004 I went to live in Bariloche but have returned in 2010 to live in Belgrano.

The challenge today, is not, as would normally be the case, to chivying you into giving more generously for those in need, but to see if we can organize ourselves as a district and find aims for the common good.  Maybe we could compete with such events as the Car Boot sale in San Isidro, or the Quiz night in Olivos, with yes, the aim of raising funds for a good cause.

The immediate proposal is to find a way of better communication, and in today’s world e-mails, and the internet, we would need to gather as many e mail addresses as possible for those in the district willing to participate or at least hear about what is going on.

So there it is !!! . Will you send me an email, with your e mail address, telling me a bit about yourselves, and if you are willing to help, or if you will participate in events that may be organized in Belgrano?

Wishing you therefore a very happy holiday season and all the very best for 2011, 

I remain sincerely and very hopefully,

Martin Ross W