La Cumbre - Córdoba


                                        QUIZ  2013



Dear Friends,


This year the Quiz will take place on  Sunday, August 25th at Gerónimo, Starting at 11 a.m.   

Lunch: 1pm -- empanadas, pizza and apple pie and then we will continue with the Quiz ending with the results and the prizes.


One person from each table will then be asked to draw out a slip of paper from a basket, and on one of them will be the words  QUIZ 2014. That group will be responsible for creating the quiz for next year.


We will be charging $40.- per person, the bar will be open all the time, and the prices for drinks will be - as always - very reasonable.


RSVP:  Please let us know as soon as you decide that you will be attending, so that we can advise Gerónimo in good time. 


You can reply to Sheila at   sheilad7@yahoo.com  

 Or phone            Susan       452 212

 or                       Denise      451 560


Looking forward to seeing you all, and please remember that friends are also very welcome


 Your Committee