Letter from Links House

View from the main house towards the golf course

La Cumbre, May 6th 2009

Dear Friends,

Here at Links House we have started to settle down after a busy summer with a series of visitors who came to spend some time with us for different reasons: convalescence, holidays, visits to residents, etc. It was a wonderful time for us, with people and family coming and going, furniture being moved about to accommodate our visitors, and lots of chatter on the front porch!

We are now taking stock of the rooms and bungalow that are free and would like to offer them to those people who have thought about living at Links but somehow have not got round to it – perhaps because the move, from a house you´ve been living in half your life is too daunting (we could help you with this) or perhaps because you have a mistaken idea that living at Links House is like living in and “old people´s home”. At Links you lead your own life, and we do all the tiresome things for you, like paying bills, taking out the rubbish at night –and even dealing with the heating in winter! Not to mention the fact that you needn´t go into the kitchen to rustle up a meal again – walk into the dining room, sit down and enjoy a good meal prepared by someone else! Bliss!!

As an institution that serves the needs of the community, Links House has come up trumps. But now IT needs the help of the community. In order to continue offering the services and the standard of living we are well-known for, we must have more residents – “así de simple”. And if you are thinking of Links House for yourself in the not-too-distant future, perhaps you would consider coming now – when you have a choice of rooms with private bathroom or a bungalow with its sitting room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom.

We like to encourage people to come and stay with us for a week or so, to “try us out” before taking the decision of moving in permanently. Perhaps you, or one or both of your parents, or a friend or relative living alone, would like to come? Perhaps you hadn´t thought of it but are interested in finding out about us?

We would ask you all to “get the ball rolling” and talk about us to family and friends. Links House has served the community well in the past and wishes to continue doing so – but we need you all to put our message out.

What else can I say but THANK YOU.

Our offices are open in the mornings, Monday to Friday, when you can speak to Patricia at

03548 451 233. Our website with photos and information is www.linkshouse.com.ar

Let´s take it from there....

All the best

Jill Henderson de Degoy

President Links House

La Cumbre, May 6th 2009