What we do

The ABCC, founded in 1939, is a non-profit organisation that coordinates the social, cultural and welfare activities of the Community. We raise funds for those in need; we also connect and bring the community together.

Geographical Districts – from Río Gallegos to Salta – and Affiliate Entities are represented in the ABCC. An honorary Executive Committee and the central office in Buenos Aires administer the organization on their behalf. The Committee, Districts and central office are responsible for generating events, fundraising and identifying the individuals and organisations which need our help.

The object of the Argentine British Community Council is to promote the welfare of the Argentine British Community in Argentina.

With that end in mind it will assure the closest coordination and cooperation amongst its Members, and the social, cultural and welfare entities of the Community.

It will endeavor to assist and conduct all activities within the spirit of the Constitution and the Laws of the Argentine Republic, strengthening in this way the links between the Community and the country.

(Translated from Art. 2 of the Bylaws (Estatutos) of the ABCC).