Messages from Chairpersons

Buenos Aires, 6 November 2021

Dear All,

ABCC Committee 2021-2022

We are pleased to inform you that during the most recent Annual General Meeting, held on 30th October 2021, the election of new members for the ABCC Committee was confirmed. A record number of 17 Districts and 12 Affiliate Entities participated in this AGM. The 2021-22 Committee is detailed below.

Chairman: Charlie Fox Vice-Chairman: John Hunter Honorary Secretary: Mary Godward Honorary Treasurer: Robert Cox

Full Members: Martín Cabal Cullen, Alan Fennell, Andrew Knight, Laura Riera, Christian Schulte, Patricia S. Gordon Davis, Bruce Thompson, Juan Wood.

Substitute Members: Janet Bruce, Martin Grisar, Ralph Kirby.

Ex Officio: Jimmy Bindon, Lucy Santamarina.

We look forward to exploring ways in which we can work together to help even more people. We will be in touch with you soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


Charlie Fox Chairman ABCC

Buenos Aires, December 2016

Dear Friends,

Since the last issue of The Bulletin reached you, I have been appointed ABCC Chairman.

Last year came to a close with several events, the milestone being the unveiling of the War memorial in Chacarita on November 13th, a memorable day – despite the pouring rain – and the result of hard work put in by the Royal British Legion (ex -Buenos Aires Branch), the British Cemetery of Buenos Aires and my predecessor John Hunter.

Having been active in Community events for many years has given me the chance to know many of you personally. This has made me aware of the hard work, commitment and efforts made by members of our Districts, helpers and volunteers, further to different entities, institutions and sponsors who are always ready to lend a hand.

We often regard ourselves as a dwindling Community; this is true in every way but we must bear in mind that it was never large in comparison with others, but very important and instrumental in the making and shaping of the country. As such, we did not inherit anything yet we are custodians of a very rich legacy, something we must be proud of and pass on to the next generations, who we should always remember to involve in our ongoing activities.

The work of our ancestors has left a deep mark in all walks of life, in the building, working and improving of methods; when all had to be done from scratch and turned into tidy, well-kept spaces, however modest, we set examples and rules for the making of an important country. Recently, on a trip to the North, I was able to observe in far-flung places, the left-overs of a golden age of British engineering – bridges, railway lines and factories – most of them sadly in a terrible state of decay and neglect.

Charity and welfare have played an important part in the British way of life. This too we have adopted with different institutions which, even with changing names and adjusting to changing times, have served their purpose for almost 200 years and which over time resulted in the present-day ABCC. In the near future, we shall probably change our name yet again yet keeping to the same principles. Faced with new challenges, we will have to do some things in a different way, and try hard to optimize our efforts in our fund raising events.

Socializing has been another part of the British way of life, well adapted to the local geography, with the founding of sports and social clubs all over the country, many of which are over 125 years old and still playing a key role. Several prominent members of the Community have, throughout history, become founding members of traditional local institutions such as the Jockey Club or the Sociedad Rural, based on British principles and rules.

In order to achieve our goals, I request you all to bring a friend along to our next event, wherever it may be; there are many people who over the years have drifted apart – we must all play our part as a team and bring them back to the fold. Most probably, many do not know of our existence, peruse The Bulletin or share stories of our interesting (and sometimes “colourful”) ancestors!

Last but not least, please be on the lookout for persons who might be in need, especially the elderly. Remind them that we are here to help them. And I urge you all to become involved with local communities and institutions – no matter where you live, there is always a way of helping and giving back a bit of what we received over so many years.

Once again a big thank you. I look forward to seeing you at the next event. In the meantime, my best wishes for the new year 2017.

Jimmy Bindon

Buenos Aires, December, 2014

Dear Friends,

As we reach the end of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to convey a most positive message regarding the ABCC.

We are very pleased to point out that our list of District Representatives has grown quite a bit.

Last September we had our first gathering in Rosario in many years, and we hope to continue hosting these community meetings in all the new Districts.

We are trying to reach out to as many community members and friends as possible. Our e-mail Newsletter is now being sent to nearly 1000 contacts and our Facebook account is very popular. We have also set up a YouTube channel where we upload videos from our events. And last, but not least, The Bulletin has increased its number of subscribers and circulation.

Let me just highlight some memorable events held this year:

- Our WWI commemoration at the Follett Holt Memorial Cairn at Ibicuy, in Entre Ríos.

- The Golf Team - representing the ABCC - which took part in the "1er Torneo de Golf de Colectividades" organized by the City of Buenos Aires.

- The Rí­o Gallegos District organized its first event in 32 years. A Tennis Tournament known as "Torneo 75º Aniversario del Consejo de la Comunidad Argentino Británica - which was a great success and was reported on by the local press. The objective was not only the competition itself but also to collect non-perishable food for a local charity, in Rí­o Gallegos.

- Last June, The British Society in Uruguay invited the ABCC to their yearly Lunch. I was glad to attend as the objectives are to foster ties between the two institutions.

Throughout this year, the ABCC celebrates its 75th Anniversary. Our mission statement reads: "The object of the Argentine-British Community Council is to promote the welfare of the Argentine-British Community in Argentina", and I'm sure that with the help of all its active members, we may carry on doing so for many years to come.

I would like to thank all the Volunteers who help out at our events, to the various companies that provide us with donations and to the clubs, schools and institutions that lend us their premises for our events.

Finally, special thanks are due to HM Ambassador Dr. John Freeman and Mrs. Freeman for allowing us the use of the Embassy residence for our Kermesse, Opera Nights and Christmas Fair.

In closing, please receive my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

John A. Hunter

Buenos Aires, November, 2013

Dear Friends,

First let me say that it´s an honour to be the chairman of the ABCC and I hope to carry on the good work.

For the coming year we have aimed to have an increase in The Bulletin subscriptions and to continue the campaign of direct debit donations. Also, we would like to see more events in the provinces and to get district representatives named in areas that don't have any and where members of the community are still to be found.

We must try and reach out to younger generations and the facebook we have set up has greatly helped; but as well we can all do a small part in being ABCC promoters, helpers and donation seekers.

As a conclusion I think, that wherever there is a person of British descent living in Argentina, we must let them know that the ABCC and all it has to offer is still present.

Merry Christmas and a Happy to New Year !

John A. Hunter

PS. For any comments, ideas, criticism please feel free to email me at

Buenos Aires, October, 2013

Farewell message from your Chairman

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support and encouragement I received during my four years as chairman of the ABCC.

It has been for me a great honour and pleasure to have been involved, and I am sure you will agree that despite the Community getting smaller, we have managed to maintain an active presence by promoting many events that generated badly needed funds, while highlighting our proud heritage and the legacy that can be seen by all.

I am very enthused by the "Youth Group" that has been formed, and would ask you to support them in their future endeavours, so as to ensure the continuity of our Community.

I have to thank so many of you who helped, such as all the various Districts, the members of the ABCC Executive Committee, the tireless effor of all those involved in the various events, the British Embassy that allowed us the use of the Residence, the British Hospital, the Hurlingham Club for the use of their premises, the Staff at the Office, the generous donors and sponsors, and also for the very positive response to the "Direct Debit" campaign.


Ted Bagnall

Buenos Aires, 22nd June 2010.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the ABCC Website!

The objective of this site is to help keep the Community together, to foster a “Community Feeling” and to collect funds to assist those who are in need.

To this end we will publish information of interest, advise about forthcoming Events, report on Events that have taken place, and provide an easily accessible and, we trust readable, source of information.

It is our intention to keep this website permanently updated in the hope that it will become a reference point, accessible at the touch of a button, that will appeal to all.

Timely, informative, entertaining, easy to use, readable and up-to-date are all words that we would like to see associated with the ABCC website. Add to this the promotion of our traditional social and humanitarian objectives and you have a fair idea of what we would like this website to be.

Contrary to what you may think, it is important to point out that the programming and setting up of this site has been achieved at no cost to the ABCC. There is no ongoing expense for maintenance, and we even hope that it will eventually become a small source of income due to the publication of personal notices. This site has been programmed and is being maintained thanks to the generous efforts of a member of our community.

Please help us to promote the use of this website by advising all your relations, friends and contacts to log on at

Last, but by no means least, please send us your comments, suggestions and criticism. Help us to improve this website!

With best wishes,

Ted Bagnall