Affiliate Members

An Affiliate Member is any English-related entity that wish to be a member of the ABCC. They simply have to write a letter to the ABCC (an email is enough) and are then considered by the Executive Committee for their approval. Once they are approved they may have:


they are invited to special meetings by the Committee, their events are publicised by the ABCC through all the digital network, and become Communitee reference.


When elections come, they are to vote who they consider the best applicants (this is done through email).

The Affiliate Members of the ABCC are:

AACI - Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa

Anglican Church Association

Argentine British Chamber of Commerce

BABS - British and American Benevolent Society

British Cemetery Corporation – Chacarita

British Cemetery – Llavallol

British Hospital of Buenos Aires

British Legion - Ex Buenos Aires Branch No. 1 -

English Club Lomas - The President -

ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate)

ESU - The English Speaking Union

Junta de Estudio Histórico Argentino Británico - Mr. David Parsons

Links House


Poplars School

St. Alban’s College

St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church in Argentina

St. Andrews’ Society of the River Plate

St. George’s Endowment Fund

St. Thomas More Society - Mr. David Parsons

The British Engineering Association

Universidad de San Andrés

University Women's Club