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Quiere escuchar Noche de Paz en la Feria de Navidad del 19/11/2016? 

Navidad ABCC 2016

Day by Day

Logan, Kenneth Gilbert Stuart

Black, Andrew F., MD

Macdonald de Hughes, Elaine F.

Collcutt, Esteban Antonio (Steven)

Roberts, Erika Langer de

Hughes Hilda Dora Mary (WWII veteran) 

RODGER Jock Halliday
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1: Buquebus:  Viaje a Colonia para 2 personas, 3 noches hotel 4* (si hay disponibilidad), Buque lento, clase Turista, #A180, Oliver Proctor;  2:ABCC:  Tablet Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab3 Dual core 1GB Ram, 8GB. Android. #A072, Edward Green; 3:  Freir's Park, Hotel & Rooftop: 1 noche en la Suite Presidencial (100m2) para 2 personas, desayuno buffet incluido (vence 28/2/2018), #A476;  4: Grupo Peñaflor:  Caja de 6 botellas de Espumante Narro Correas, #A538, Susana Raffetti;  5: Grupo Peñaflor: 1 botella de Whisky Johnnie Walker, Doble Etiqueta Negra, #A588, Bobby Daintree;  6:  ABCC: El Mecano Argentino - juego didáctico con piezas metálicas - 333 piezas, # A328, Juan Manuel Eberle;  7: ABCC, BABS, Instituto para Ciegos Roman Rosell: 1 Hamper con productos del ABCC, BABS, Instituto Roman Rosell y donaciones de Amigos de nuestra Comunidad, ,#A017, Renée María Garcìa Calderod;  8: ABCC:  1 Paraguas inside-out, # A434, William Bain;  9: Artesanos:  Conjunto de Regalos de Artesanos, #A315, Christian Soding;  10: Artesanos: Conjunto de Regalos de Artesanos, # A459, María Pintos Garzón;  11: A Quiltear se Ha Dicho:  Acolchado Patchwork del Grupo, # A597, Isobel McCallum.
Los premios se conservan hasta el 15/1/2018 en oficinas del ABCC.  De no ser retirados, los mismos serán utilizados para otros eventos.


#1 - Noche para 2 personas con desayuno en el HOTEL HILTON de Montevideo N°014, Douglas Konran;  2# - Cena para dos personas en el Faro del HOTEL HILTON N° 391, L. Schiele;   3# - Té para dos personas en el HOTEL ALVEAR N° 053, Estela Richards;   4# - Canasta de desayuno o merienda para dos personas a domicilio, EVENTOS M&T N° 532, Alejandro Bowers;   5# - Sesión de masajes Hazu y crema corporal KISHA N° 085, R. Soler;   6# - Curso de automaquillaje + perfume + organizador de maquillaje + accesorios de maquillaje N° 694, Chiky Sayal;   7# - Set de productos REVLON N° 027, Adolfo Brodaric;   8# - Set de merchandising Oficial de Harry Potter N° 043, R. Haigh;   9# - Canasta sorpresa de BABS y del ABCC N° 153, Chiky Sayal;   10# - Botella de Grog y Muffins BUENOS AIRES ROYAL MARINES N° 927 Stanley Nash;   11# - Regalo KEL N° 051 JG Macaion;   12# - Set de juegos de playa BANCO PROVINCIA N° 746, Ana Laub;   13# - Set de contenedores TUPPERWARE n° 306, Isabel Elizalde;   14# - Bolsa de productos CABRALES N° 033, Peter Dickinson;   15# - Bolsa de productos LAS MARIAS N° 534, Alejandro Bowers;   16# - Regalo sorpresa de Expositores N° 505 Viginia Plesky;   17# - Regalo sorpresa de Expositores N° 996 José Luis Foglia;   18# - Regalo sorpresa de Expositores N° 371, Chiky Sayal.

Estos premios se conservarán en el ABCC hasta el 30 de diciembre 2017. Pasada esa fecha, serán utilizados para otros fines.

Theatre Workshop in English
starting Monday March 5th

directed by Hugo Halbrich.
Mondays 8:30 - 10:30 p.m.
at The Playhouse - Moreno 80, San Isidro

Ages 18 and up

Monthly Fee: $ 800   (TSP Members $ 700)
Info & Reservations: 

Dear all,

 This will probably find you in the middle of a well-deserved summer break; in any case, it is an update and reminder on news and events.

 - Firstly we must congratulate my predecessor John Hunter for being awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queens New Year Honours list. In recognition for services to our community.

 - Kiddies Christmas Fund.

This is a traditional appeal and we must keep it going.

We have a couple of days to go before closing date so please spread the word and get as many people as possible to join and make a donation, regardless of where you live, it is a way of reaching out and giving back to our local communities. Extra info and guidelines have been sent out over the last weeks and can be ween in our ABCC website.

Donations via bank transfer in the usual way or via our Donaonline in the website.

 - Calendars. We still have some 2018 calendars available, if extra needed please contact your district chairmen. 


- Events -

- Next Harry Potter event, although not entirely an ABCC event will be held in the Embassy Residence grounds on Feb 01. 

Soft drink bar and refreshments will be managed by the ABCC team: volunteers and help will be greatly appreciated. 

 - 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice and preparation is under way to commemorate this event with the hope of involving as many schools and institutions as possible.

 -Last but not least we must not forget we are involved with welfare and charity, both have been part of British way of life for a long time and locally for almost 200 years under different names and adapting to changing times, for this we must carry on the work of our forefathers.

Once again, I request the districts to look into vulnerable cases and members of the community in need of assistance or simply guidance. To do so be in contact with local clubs, churches, lodges, schools or even former pupils so that we can be available to lend a helping hand. 

Our is updated frequently so urge all community entities to contact us and provide and share information on their events. 

At the same time remind your friends and relatives to subscribe to the Bulletin and update their personal info when moving so as to avoid the unnecessary waste in printing and posting, whilst helping towards the cost .

- Donations. Our ABCC website via Donaronline offers a simple way to make donations of any kind with the respective earmarking. Donations made via the direct debit system are now shown in The Bulletin as well, updating on the amounts donated will be greatly appreciated. 

Please feel free to contact us whenever needed.

Once again I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2018.

 Jimmy Bindon

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