How we raise money

We raise funds through donations, at events, from the sale of ABCC-branded products and, occasionally, as a result of legacies from supporters. The funds collected as donations throughout the year form a major part of the ABCC’s income and are key to our work.

We also welcome donations in-kind of products which we can use as prizes at our events. Corporate supporters, such as Bell Investments, H F Grant & Cía and BP, also generously contribute to the ABCC by advertising in The Bulletin. A number of organisations also choose this way to contribute to the work carried out by the ABCC. These are Hospital Británico, ESAARP, AACI, St Alban’s College, Northlands School, Villa Devoto School, St Andrew’s Scots School, Barker College, International House, Cementerio de Disidentes (Rosario), Cementerio Bosques de Santa Catalina and Cementerio Británico de Buenos Aires.

The Anglo-Argentine Society of London and Canning House have also supported some of our projects through grants.

Every donation and contribution we receive truly makes a difference and we are extremely grateful!