Who we help

Either directly or through the Districts, at the ABCC we contribute funds or products to a wide range of organisations. Some of those which have received our support over the past few years are mentioned below.

  • BABS (British American Benevolent Society) Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires

  • Casa de María, Río Gallegos

  • Centro Conin, Hurlingham

  • Cruz Roja Pergamino

  • Hospital Garrahan, Buenos Aires

  • Hospital Ramon Carrillo, Bariloche

  • Escuela La Crucecita, Mendoza

  • Escuela Primaria N° 26 “Domingo F. Sarmiento”, Paraje Manantiales Chico, Pergamino

  • Fundación Cerca Tuyo, Bariloche

  • Guardería Vicentina San Pantaleón, Pergamino

  • British Hospital, Buenos Aires

  • Instituto Román Rosell San Isidro, Buenos Aires

  • Links House La Cumbre, Córdoba

  • Merendero Arco Iris, Mendoza

  • Pediatric Unit of the Hospital Gandulfo, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires

Mainly, but not exclusively, through the annual Christmas Kiddies Fund, the ABCC makes donations to the following organisations.

We also care for 25 people who are in distressing situations.

And last - but by no means least - the ABCC Rosario district has been running an English language programme for children in challenging contexts for five years, reaching 100 pupils in 2022.